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Event Submission Guidelines

Event Criteria

The following criteria apply to events taking place in Milton and events occurring outside of Milton if the events are sponsored by a group or organization in Milton.

Eligible Submissions:

  • Lectures
  • Special meetings (such as Annual General Meetings)
  • Training programs

Ineligible Submissions:

  • Events of political, illegal or immoral nature
  • Retail store sales and promotions (unless proceeds are being donated to a not-for-profit organization in Milton)
  • Events that conflict with Town of Milton policy
  • Personal fundraisers
  • Regular meetings of membership organizations
  • Free information workshops to solicit clients

Additional information:

Priority may be given to events operated by not-for-profit groups and agencies.

Admission fees must be noted with submitted event information.

The Town of Milton will post events on the calendar at their discretion and holds all rights to veto unsuitable events or content.