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Sherwood Community Centre and Library

This new facility will be located at the northeast corner of Main Street and Tremaine Road, next to Sherwood District Park.

Renderings (June 2017)

Ready for a glimpse of what this facility will look like when complete? Take a tour with these renderings:

Facility Concept Plans

A public input session held on September 14, 2016 gave residents a sneak peek of the site and concept plans for Milton's newest recreation facility and library branch. The final concept plans were presented to Milton Council on November 7, 2016.

Facility Concept Plans (November 2016)

Architects and Preliminary Works

Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects (MJMA) have been retained for this project and concept design work has begun. Preliminary work has also started on site to complete survey and geotechnical works. 

Business Plan

At its meeting on March 21, 2016, the Town of Milton's Committee of the Whole approved a staff report for the business plan for the Sherwood Community Centre and Library. The business plan will be used by Town staff to prepare future operating budgets, and commence the architectural request for proposal and design development process.

Staff report for the business plan for Sherwood Community Centre and Library (COMS-001-17)

Component Study

On January 25, 2016, a staff report and component study was approved by Town Council for the Sherwood Community Centre and Library. This confirms the facility components, space allocations, and capital cost estimates for the next planned community recreation centre in Milton.

Staff report/component study for Sherwood Community Centre and Library (COMS-001-16)


The facility will be located on the north side of Main Street West, just east of Tremaine Road and next to the recently developed Sherwood District Park.

Proposed Concept Plan for Sherwood Community Centre and Library

Facility Amenities

The facility will feature a flexible multi-use design to accommodate a wide range of activities as well as multi-generational spaces and activities that will be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. The study recommends the following facility components:

  • Branch library
  • Twin pad arena
  • Aquatic centre (25-metre pool and leisure/therapeutic pool)
  • Older adult activity area (lounge, activity room and/or small kitchen along with access to shared spaces with the centre)
  • Active living studio
  • Multi-purpose space


The estimated capital budget for the facility is $50 million. Outdoor recreation facilities on site may also be considered but are not included in the current cost estimates.

Next steps

  • The next phase of the planning process will be to undertake the business plan to review service delivery options and to fully assess the operating costs and revenues that will impact future budgets.
  • The subsequent phase would be to retain project management and architectural services to begin design of the facility, pending Council approval.

For more information on the Sherwood Community Centre and Library, please contact us as noted on the left side of this page.