Operating and Capital Budgets

The Town's annual budget is developed by staff in consideration of the guidelines approved by Council in July and input received from the public. Council deliberates and approves the budget in December of each year ensuring an approved budget is in place for the start of the new year.

2016 Budget Survey

Budget decisions impact the daily lives of all citizens, making it essential to inform and engage residents throughout the budget process.  More than ever, citizens want to become involved in shaping the future of their communities.   The annual budget public engagement process strives to meet the following criteria:

  1. Participation is open to all members of the community
  2. Input occurs early in the budget process
  3. Participation provides two-way communication between citizens and the Town
  4. Citizen input is considered by decision makers
  5. Input reveals sincere preferences of citizens

Please note that the 2016 Budget Survey is now closed.  Thank you to those who shared their opinions.  Results from the survey will be available as part of the Town's Budget Call Report due to be released by the end of July 2015.

2015 Budget

The 2015 capital and operating budgets aim to strike a balance of affordable taxes for property owners while implementing and maintaining priority services for the residents of Milton.  On January 26, 2015, Milton Town Council approved the 2015 capital and operating budgets resulting in a combined investment of $135.2 million in the community.

Council approved increases to the Town's portion of the tax bill of 3.04% and 3.12% in the urban and rural service areas respectively.  When combined with the Library's approved 3.4% increase, the Region of Halton's 1.6% increase and a 0% Educational increase, the overall property tax increase is 1.65% in the urban area and 1.61% in the rural area.  This means that residential property taxes will increase by $12.80 in the urban area and $12.03 in the rural area per $100,000 of assessment.

2015 Budget Guidelines

2015 Budget Survey

The 2015 Budget Survey closed as of June 30, 2014.  The results can be found in Schedule B and C of the 2015 Budget Call Report (linked above).

Property Tax Assessment Calculator

A new feature has been added to the Town's website. You can now calculate your property taxes online. The online property tax calculator shows your property's assessed value and the taxes for the current year and three prior years. You can also view how municipal property taxes are allocated between the Town, Education and the Region.

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