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Operating and Capital Budgets

The Town's annual budget is developed by staff in consideration of the guidelines approved by Council in July and input received from the public. The budget is deliberated by the Committee of the Whole and approved by Council in December of each year, ensuring an approved budget is in place for the start of the new year. 

2018 Capital & Operating Budgets

Budget Survey Results

Thank you to those who responded to the budget survey to help us set priorities for Town infrastructure, programs and services.

Highlights from the phone survey are shown in the graphic on the right. Results from the supplementary online survey and more budget survey details can be found in the following Council report:

CORS-040-17 - 2018 Budget Call Report

Budget Deliberation

The Committee of the Whole will meet to deliberate the 2018 Budget on December 4 (and December 5, if needed), with Council approval scheduled for December 11.

2017 Approved Budget
2016 Approved Budget
2015 Approved Budget

Approved 2015 Budget

2014 Approved Budget
2014 Approved Capital and Operating Budget 
2013 Approved Budget
2013 Approved Capital and Operating Budget 
2012 Approved Budget
2011 Approved Budget

Budget documents can also be viewed or purchased at the Town of Milton.

Property Tax Assessment Calculator

You can now calculate your property taxes online. The online property tax calculator shows your property's assessed value and the taxes for the current year and three prior years. You can also view how municipal property taxes are allocated between the Town, Education and the Region.


2018 Budget Survey Results