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Camp counsellor with children

Be a Summer Camp Counsellor


Get paid to play! Be a summer camp counsellor. Visual arts and theatre camps. Sports and swimming camps.  This cool job can be yours as a summer camp counsellor with the Town of Milton.  Make lifelong friendships and have fun while being a positive role model for kids who will remember you for years to come.  You can make a difference as a summer camp counsellor! And yes, this is a paid gig!

Jobs available and job descriptions/applications

Coordinator/supervisor (Application deadline: December 17, 2017):

Counsellor/other (Application deadline: January 17 2018):

 What you need to know before you apply


Camp Counsellors must be a minimum of 15 years of age. (Not old enough? You can also be a volunteer, starting at 14 years of age. Visit our volunteer page for details.)


Camp staff must have the following certifications by May 31, 2017:

What are the benefits of being a camp counsellor?

Develop skills

As a camp counsellor you will learn invaluable life skills and foster other skills that are transferable for a future career in a variety of fields:

  • Cultivate leadership abilities
  • Develop time management skills
  • Practise conflict resolution
  • Develop problem-solving abilities
  • Improve communications expertise
  • Become comfortable with public speaking/group facilitation

Enjoy summer weekends and evenings

Town summer camps operate during the day on weekdays, leaving time for you to enjoy leisure time with friends in the summer evenings and on weekends.

Be eligible for part-time employment

A job as a summer camp counsellor can lead to part-time employment during the school year at PA Day, March Break and winter camps as well as afternoon and evening children's programs.

Our summer camp counsellors say it best!
 Camp counsellor with basketball

Ryan, second year camp counsellor

I get to have fun and play games all summer! I'd like to think I have a positive influence on the campers as well!

 Camp counsellor standing by wall

Mookie, second year camp counsellor

I became a camp counsellor because I wanted to make a positive impact on my community through my work. What better way to do that than watching out for kids, running their games and ensuring they stay safe over the summer!

Camp counsellor playing a game

Devon, fourth year camp counsellor

I decided to be a counsellor because I used to go to Town of Milton camps when I was little and I always loved them! I also love working with kids so it seemed like the perfect job - and it is!

 Camp counsellor demonstrating a task

Kashanna, sixth year camp counsellor

At the end of a session, a camper brought us a picture of themselves so we wouldn't forget them and took one with the staff so they wouldn't forget us!  

 Camp counsellor posing and smiling

Elizabeth, second year camp supervisor

The best part about being a camp counsellor is that every single day is different. No matter what happened the day before, each day will bring something new. Every camper will bring a smile to your face and will teach you something new. Being a camp counsellor is a rewarding job that will have an impact on your life.  

 More about our camps

The Town of Milton operates over 180 summer camps, as well as PA Day, March Break and winter camps. Camps are held at our recreation centres, including the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton, Milton Leisure Centre, Milton Sports Centre and arenas as well as schools. We offer a wide range of camps focusing on arts, theatre, sports and swimming. For more information on our camps, visit www.milton.ca/camps.