Milton's New Brand and Visual Identity Project

Developing a new brand and visual identity for Milton was about so much more than a new logo.

It was an opportunity to connect the community around a shared vision and inspirational story about Milton's future. We asked Miltonians to tell us what made them proud to be part of this community, gathering feedback through a series of focus groups, interviews and a comprehensive public survey.

The result is a brand that was truly shaped by our community.


Milton Logo
Our History Word Icon     

Why change? Milton has had the same look for 27 years.

Launched in 1990, the previous Town of Milton logo now faces a number of reproduction challenges in today's digital environment. It was time for Milton's brand to better reflect the young, vibrant, growing and diverse population living in Milton today. 

The Goals Word icon

What were our goals? We knew this brand had to...

  • Speak to the many exciting changes taking place in Milton

  • Come from a place of optimism and possibility

  • Feel authentic - and respect our natural heritage

  • Resonate with residents (existing, new and future)
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Nobody can deny that there is something happening in Milton...




New projects and new people bring exciting opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses in Milton.

Whatever ideas Miltonians and outsiders had about Milton ten years ago, no longer apply.

With a university, an innovation centre, new parks, arts and athletic facilities comes new sets of words and associations.

Active, Innovative, Refreshing, Growing, Diverse - These are words that inspired Milton's new brand.

In 2000, Milton set out on a path of growth unlike any other municipality in Canada. The vision for Milton's future is no less bold.

Introducing Milton's new brand - Vibrant, Natural, Forward Looking...

A Place of Possibility. This is Milton.

 The Process Word Icon

This project was divided into three phases

  • Discovery Phase

  • Community Engagement

  • Design Phase

This process took:

  • Over 6 months

  • 50 stakeholder interviews

  • 650 public survey responses


These consultations led to:

  • 3 guiding themes

  • 5 key word associations

  • 1 new brand


Process Details

Phase 1 - Discovery Phase

The discovery phase took place in January and February. It involved interviews with more than 50 stakeholders from across the community.

Stakeholder Interviews - Focus Groups
 More than 50 stakeholders from across the community participated in interviews and focus groups.

Three Themes: Natural, Forward-Looking, Diverse

Three main themes emerged from the preliminary stakeholder engagement. Those themes were: Natural, Forward-Looking and Diverse.

Competitive Scan

Through a competitive scan of Ontario municipal logos, it was clear that there was a tremendous opportunity for Milton to differentiate itself from other municipalities in terms of brand style and impacts.

Phase 2 - Community Engagement Phase

The community engagement phase took place in April with a public survey, a report and presentation to Council.

Public Survey
  • 650 residents participated in the survey.
  • The survey asked residents to provide examples of words that captured the spirit of the community.
  • It also provided opportunity for the public to give direction and input on the three themes that had emerged from the first round of stakeholder interviews. 
Key Words
 Five key words emerged from this research: Active, Innovative, Refreshing, Growing and Diverse.

Phase 3 - Design Phase

The design phase took place in May and June.

Request for Proposal (RFP)
After a rigorous RFP process, Milton selected Scott Thornley + Company to help us create a brand that would resonate with residents.  Using the research gathered during the engagement phase, these consultants worked with internal stakeholders to develop and refine a final design concept.
Final Brand
  • The Look: The engagement process inspired this colourful, stylized, inclining letter M. It represents possibility and growth. 
  • The Colours: The vibrant colours are representative of Milton's young, diverse, forward-looking population.
  • Natural Design: The M design emerged from two overlapping leaves, inspired by Milton's ties to nature and the opportunities for future growth in this community.
  • Approval: On June 26, Milton Council officially adopted this new logo and the tagline "A Place of Possibility."

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