Event Recommendations

Town facilities continue to be closed for the safety of staff and the community until further notice.

Non-essential in-person gatherings of any size continue to be strongly discouraged. Small outdoor events, such as cultural celebrations and fundraisers may be permitted in line with gathering-size restrictions, subject to Halton Region Health requirements and government authorities.

The current gathering-size limit is 10 people. People must still practice physical distancing, by keeping at least two (2) meters away from others outside of their direct household.

The Town has adopted the following approach for permitting events to occur in the community:

  • Staff will review events thirty (30) days prior to their scheduled date
  • If thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date, the event is unable to comply with the gathering-size restrictions, public health and government authority requirements, permits will be cancelled

Drive-in and drive-through events

All existing and new drive-in and drive-through venues may be permitted to open for a variety of purposes, such as theatres, concerts, and cultural appreciation, such as art installations in Stage 2 of the Province’s recovery.

Event organizers must have in place procedures for staff or volunteers to ensure people remain in their cars except for using the washroom (if available) or in an emergency. Food services (if applicable) are restricted to delivery to vehicles and drive-through only.

In addition to other workplace and public health measures, drive-ins and drive-through venues are required to:

  • Ensure that the drive-in/drive-through has enough staff or volunteers to manage attendees
  • Post the COVID-19 restrictions at the entry or receiving area and supply hand sanitizer for hygiene
  • Employ a strict monitoring policy. Ill persons should not attend the drive-in/drive-through, and anyone who becomes ill while at the event should leave immediately
  • Ensure that staff, volunteers and attendees practice physical distancing
  • Limit the number of vehicles and how they are parked to ensure physical distancing (two metres between vehicles)
  • Ensure that high touch surfaces are sanitized on a regular basis
  • Ensure that any washrooms open for use are cleaned and disinfected as frequently as is necessary to maintain a sanitary environment
  • Have a separate entrance and exit for attendees and direct their flow in one direction using markers or arrows

If you are planning a drive-in or drive-through event, please contact event staff ,so that we can provide support in ensuring that your event is compliant to these new regulations and safe for everyone.

Resources for event organizers

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