Telecommunications Facilities

In Milton and Ontario, we are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless communications, both cellular and internet, to enhance our daily lives and workplace environments.  Emergency response services such as 911, police, fire and ambulance services also rely on wireless communication to reduce response times to keep residents safe.

With continued growth in population and the use of wireless technology and telecommunications devices within our local community and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), new technologies are being developed and further demands and pressure to expand the network capacity is constantly increasing.  In order to increase the level and variety of services that telecommunication carriers provide, and to satisfy the user demand, the associated infrastructure must be constructed.  In many cases, this involves the construction of new telecommunications facilities such as towers, antennas and their associated equipment. 

Review, Consultation and Approvals Process

Telecommunications and their related infrastructure, fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and as such, are regulated by Industry Canada.  Applicants are expected to work through Industry Canada and follow protocol CPC-2-0-03 (Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems) when seeking approval for or constructing new telecommunications facilities. 

While telecommunications tower, antenna, and facility proposals cannot be regulated through zoning or other local land use planning processes, or be approved by local municipalities, the CPC-2-0-03 provides opportunities for the municipality to influence the review process by:

  • mandating proponents to consult with local municipalities; and,
  • encouraging municipalities to establish their own consultation process for the siting of telecommunications towers and facilities within their jurisdiction, taking into account local needs and goals.  If a local protocol is established, Industry Canada will require that proponents adhere to the local protocol rather than the Industry Canada default consultation process.   

A new Telecommunications Facility Policy (Protocol) was adopted by Council in May 2012.  The protocol contains guidelines such as the following to assist in the review of local telecommunication proposals:

  • jurisdiction and roles of participants;
  • design and locational criteria;
  • the application form and submission materials required to assist the Town in its review; 
  • the preliminary and public consultation process, where applicable;   
  • facilities excluded from public consultation; and, 
  • concluding consultation requirements of the proponent and the Town. 

Staff will be monitoring the new Protocol with Telecommunication Industry respresentatives and the public to ensure that it is meets the needs of all stakeholders.  Any proposed revisions to the protocol will be brought forward for consideration and approval by Council at an appropriate time. 

To inquire about active telecommunication applications and/or the Town's protocol or application process, please contact the Planning and Development Department using the contact information located on the left side of this page.