Certificate of Occupancy

All non-residential uses and some residential uses in Milton require the approval of a Certificate of Occupancy prior to commencement of business operations as per subsection 1.3 of Zoning By-law #144-2003, as amended, and Section 1.4 of Zoning By-law #016-2014, as amended.  It is recommended you confirm that your proposed use is permitted by the Zoning By-law prior to purchasing a property or signing a lease.

Conformity and Compliance

No change may be made in the type of use of any land, Building or Structure within any zone category without first having applied for and obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning) from the Chief Building Official or his or designate to the effect that the proposed use is not contrary to this By-law. 

Notwithstanding the above, no Certificate of Occupancy (Zoning) shall be required by a Public Authority or for any type of dwelling unit with the exception of Bed and Breakfast Establishment, Cottage Industry, Retirement Dwelling, Home Industry, Home Occupation, Rooming, Boarding or Lodging Houses, Group Home, Correctional, Group Home Type 1 and Group Home Type 2.

Certificate of Occupancy Application Requirements

  1. One (1) completed Application Form
  2. One (1) copy of a metric site plan or survey showing location of unit and/or area to be occupied, with site statistics (i.e.: parking provided and required, floor area of unit, lot area, building area, etc.).
  3. One (1) copy of a fully dimensioned floor plan measured from exterior of outside walls to the mid-point of joint partitions of all rooms and areas, and indicating use of unit and/or area to be occupied. Note: Single line floor plan drawings not acceptable.
  4. One (1) copy of a letter to outline in detail the proposed business operation (explaining what you do). Specify whether or not there will be any office, warehousing, wholesale, retail sales, etc; outdoor storage; and also the names(s) of both tenant and/or agent with business address and phone number.  Areas designated for retail sales, display, or outdoor storage must be clearly indicated on plans.  It would be helpful to include total number of people i.e. employees, patrons, etc.
  5. Permit fee

NOTE:   If changes are made to the plumbing and/or heating systems or interior partitions are constructed, or a change of use is determined, a building permit may be required.   Mezzanines and/or additions to buildings may be subject to Development Charges.

 Incomplete Applications May Not Be Accepted