Compliance/Property Information

Compliance/Property Information Requests are made available by the Building Services division of the Planning and Development Department. This property information is generally requested by lawyers and real estate agents who want to ensure that properties are in compliance with Town of Milton by-laws. This information is however, also available to any home owner.

Information Provided

Information provided to the requester includes:

  • Outstanding Letters of Notification
  • Orders and Notices - records of outstanding violations on the property issued by Building Services (Building , HVAC, Plumbing, Signs, Pools)
  • Zoning details - designations, allowed uses, setback regulations
  • Committee of Adjustment - details and status of any minor variances on file
  • Heritage status - confirmation if property is inventoried by the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC)
  • Outstanding inspections for issued Permits - listing of all permits that are not yet complete.

Current response time for information requested is less than one week.



Compliance Reports and Tax Certificates are time sensitive and property status and tax status can change daily.

Should you require an updated Compliance Report the applicable fee will be charged (with the exception of occupancy confirmation). The Town of Milton can also provide an Agreement Status report on agreements where the town is a party to the Agreement. This service is available at a cost. Please note that if the agreement was registered prior to January 1, 2000, a copy of the agreement must be submitted with your request.