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Milton Economic Development supports existing businesses and attracts companies to foster a thriving, diversified local economy founded on strategic partnerships, innovative initiatives, and strong leadership.

The team is the first point of contact for businesses seeking to invest in Milton. Economic Development is committed to building relationships that nurture growth and opportunity within this community.

In Milton, delivering exceptional customer service, supporting community development, regional initiatives, and local businesses are a priority. Economic Development invests in connecting organizations and entrepreneurs with key services, resources, and the support they need to thrive. 

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Stay in Contact with Milton Economic Development

Jenna Patterson

Economic Development Officer 

905-878-7252  x2154


Mike Launslager

Manager, Economic Development

905-878-7252  x2160


Kevin Samra

Manager, MEV Innovation Centre

905-878-7252  x3103


Nitya Irwin

Coordinator, MEV Innovation Centre

905-878-7252  x3101

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