Exterior Openings and Egress Windows

A building permit is required in Milton for new exterior openings and egress windows in a single family dwelling.

Follow the process outlined below to ensure that you meet all of the building permit requirements for your exterior opening.

Is your property zoned for new exterior openings?

Under the Zoning By-law, any exterior stair required for a new door must meet the minimum setback requirements from the front, rear, or side (interior/exterior) lot lines.

General Zoning By-law requirements for your property can be obtained by contacting the Zoning Department at (905) 878-7252 ext.2329 or by reviewing the Town of Milton Zoning By-law.

Apply for your Building Permit

Complete building permit applications are accepted in person on the 2nd floor of Town Hall at 150 Mary St.  Building permit fees are payable by cash, cheque or debit at the time of application. Building permit fees include the review of drawings and all required inspections. 

Building permit applications require 2 types of submissions:

  1. Permit Application Forms
  2. Construction Drawings

Permit Application Forms 

1. Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish - All sections of the form must be completed, including the full legal description (which can be found on your deed, tax assessment, survey, or is available from the public computer kiosk located on the main floor of Town Hall next to the Reception area).

2. Schedule 1 Designer Form  - This form is required when someone other than an Architect or Licensed Professional Engineer is taking responsibility for the design of the Exterior Opening.

This other person would be either:

  • the homeowner taking legal responsibility for the design, provided they understand and are willing to take responsibility for the applicable requirements of the Ontario Building Code
  • OR 
  • a registered designer with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) qualified in House or Small Buildings for openings regulated within the scope of OBC Pt. 9 design and Building Structural for openings regulated within the scope of OBC Pt. 4 design.  Drawings that are prepared by a registered designer (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) must include:
    • The qualified designer's name
    • The qualified designer’s registration number
    • The qualification identification number of the qualified designer (Building Code Identification Number: BCIN)
    • The qualified designer's signature
    • The stamp or statement that the qualified designer has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities. 

Construction Drawings Required

  1. A site plan showing property lines and lot area referenced to a current survey showing the proposed openings and distances from property lines and/or any adjacent structures.
  2. A proposed floor plan(s) showing all existing openings and proposed openings drawn to scale indicating sizes including glass areas.
  3. A details page showing window/door type, swing, size, glazing, in elevation and plan/section view including any window well information. Clearly identify all egress clearances if window is for this purpose.
  4. A wall section page to show lentil sizes/span, flashings, air/vapour barrier, drainage requirements, integration with cladding.

Sample Drawings

Refer to the sample drawings for exterior openings requirements, including the number of copies of each drawing required. 

Refer to the sample drawing for egress window requirements.

Drawing sheet O-6 is provided for reference and summarizes the requirements for egress windows. See Residential Basement Walkout where exterior basement stairs below grade are proposed the design of the stairs, side retaining walls, underpinning and guard connection to the top of the sidewalls must be engineered under Part 4 of the Ontario Building Code. In addition, if the exterior basement stair below grade serves as an exit stair for an accessory apartment, it must be protected in accordance with OBC 9.9.4.

Drawing Submission Guidelines

  • Digital drawings are preferred, however paper submission is also accepted
  • Create 1 physical copy of the Site Plan or one digital copy.
  • Digital files must be in PDF format and generated directly from the software used to create them (AutoCAD, Softplan, Revit, etc.) using a PDF printer or converter (no scanned copies).
  • Digital PDF files must have the document properties/restrictions/security settings/permissions set to allow, “Printing” and “Adding Markups”.
  • Submit on CD, DVD, or USB flash drive in person at the time of building permit application.
  • All paper drawings must be submitted in black and white (min. 2 copies of all), drawn to an appropriate scale (min 3/16” = 1’ or metric equivalent), and clearly legible. Drawings in pencil shall be photocopied prior to submission, with the density adjusted so that all information is clear and legible.  All walls must be drawn as double lines (accurately showing wall thickness), and drawings must clearly differentiate between existing and proposed construction. Every page drawing shall include the project address and the designers information.

Book your Inspections

Typical Exterior Opening inspections can include (depending on the scope of work):

  • Framing
  • Insulation & Air Barrier
  • Final Building

Inspections are booked online or by calling the Building Division at (905) 878-7252 ext. 2396.

Rates and Fees

  • Typical homeowner related permit fees see our Residential Permit fees page.
  • For the complete list of Building Permit fees see our Rates and Fees by-law page.

  • All fees are required at the time of Permit Application (acceptable forms of payment include, Cash, Debit or Cheque)
  • Other charges may also apply