Home Renovation and Building

If you are planning to make any renovations or additions to your home or are considering building in Milton, we offer many services to help you get the job done.

Building Permits

Building permit licensing grant you legal permission to start construction knowing that the issued drawings comply with appropriate governmental regulations

Fence By-law Guidelines on cost apportionment when constructing, repairing or maintaining a division fence.
House Numbering Find out who is responsible for numbering your house whether in a new home, or in a rural area.
Swimming Pool Permit Pool owners must obtain permits and inspections when constructing a pool.
Septic Maintenance Inspection Program

A provincially mandated program designed to protect the quality of our drinking water and environment by identifying malfunctioning septic systems that may be contributing to the source water in rural areas of Milton. Find out how the program works and who is affected.

Taxes Find information on paying your taxes and making tax adjustments.
Zoning The Zoning By-law sets out the land uses permitted in each zone. It also regulates building location, size and height as well as parking and landscaped areas.