Intensification/Infill Study

The Intensification/Infill Study establishes a detailed planning framework for the Town's provincially designated Urban Growth Centre and its designated Built Boundary. The Province of Ontario's Places to Grow Plan requires that intensification take place within these designated areas in order to promote sustainable development patterns and complete communities.

The study determines how the Town can best plan to accommodate the required intensification in a way that is sensitive to the existing community

Approval and Next Steps

The Town hired consultants in spring 2009 to complete the Intensification/Infill Study. The Intensification/Infill Study Report was completed in January 2010. It details the consultants' recommendations and includes suggestions for revising the Town's Official Plan. Town Council approved the study on
February 22, 2010.

Some of the study's recommended changes have been incorporated into the Town's Official Plan through OPA 31, which is currently before Halton Region for approval.

Public Consultation

Public Workshop 

A Public Workshop was held in June 2009 to provide a project overview and for local residents and landowners/developers to provide input on future intensified growth.

Public Open House 

A Public Open House was held in November 2009 to show the Study's initial finding.