Major Transit Station Area/Mobility Hub Study: A Hub of Possibility

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Public Information Centre # 2

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday December 4th, 2018 for this public meeting, information session and workshop about the Milton Mobility Hub Study. This session provided an opportunity to consider some initial planning and development concepts for the area then provide input to help identify and refine a preferred approach.

What is it?

This is a comprehensive study looking at the opportunities to make the optimal use of the area within walking distance of Milton’s GO Transit Station, including the potential to improve and enhance public streets, spaces and physical connections. 

Where is it?

Major Transit Station Areas are defined as the area within an approximately 10-minute walk (500 metre radius) of a transit station. Mobility hubs are major transit stations and the surrounding areas with significant levels of planned transit service and high residential and employment development potential within an approximately 800m radius of the rapid transit station.

Mobility Hub Study Area Map

Why are we doing this?

Milton’s GO Transit Station is identified as a Major Transit Station Area and a Mobility Hub. In such locations, the focus is on supporting higher density, mixed-use and transit oriented places. There is a particular emphasis on making the area around the station more pedestrian friendly and providing better walking and cycling routes for the first and last mile of journeys that begin or end at the station. It is also critical to ensure that whatever happens is sensitive to and properly integrated with the needs of established neighborhoods and the character of downtown Milton. For further information please refer to Staff Report PD-017-18.

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

The Town's team is required to meet with stakeholders and members of the public at two points.  We invite you to attend the first public open house/workshop session to share your thoughts on transportation to and within these secondary plan areas.  Attached is the Notice for more information.

Community Meetings

Public Information Centre # 2 on December 4, 2018

On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, Milton hosted the second Innovation and Future Development Fair at Town Hall. As part of the event, an information meeting and workshop session about the Milton Mobility Hub Study was held. At this session, participants had an opportunity to consider some initial planning and development concepts for the area and provided.

Public Information Centre #1 on June 26, 2018

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Milton hosted an Innovation and Future Development Fair at Town Hall. The Town displayed four of its major planning projects, namely:

An exhibition space in the Town Hall Lobby featured display panels for each of these projects. Here are the display panels for the Milton Mobility Hub Study.

Participants were able to view the displays, seek information and then be involved in interactive workshops for the Agerton/Trafalgar Secondary Plans and the Milton Mobility Hub Study.

The facilitated workshop for the Milton Mobility Hub Study began with a brief slide presentation.

The Workshop grouped around tables for each of the following key themes:

  • Community Features
  • Getting Around
  • Private Spaces
  • Public Places
  • What Else

Participants were able to circulate to a different theme every 15 minutes. For each theme, participants used a map and sticky notes to provide their views, opinions and local insights in response to questions: What is here? What is not? What is missing? What would you add? How would you make it better?

Here are the worksheets that participants used in the workshop and the summary of the event.

Stay Involved

There will be future opportunities to be directly involved in this project. 

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For more information, please contact: 

David Twigg, Senior Planner, Policy & Urban Design
905-878-7252, ext. 2205
Email:  Planning and Development