Perennial Milton: A Sustainable Outlook

Purpose and Goals

Perennial Milton: A Sustainable Outlook is a long-term plan that aims to: 

  • foster an integrated, healthy, efficient and socially inclusive community that reflects the sustainable priorities identified and built upon by Milton;
  • entrench sustainable practices within the Town of Milton's corporate culture; and
  • recognize current practices within the terms of sustainability to ensure they continue in the future.

The plan will focus on the areas of economy, society and the environment. It will integrate fiscal responsibility, social equity and environmental conservation into the decision-making process

The main concepts of the plan are closely connected to the Town's strategic plan, Destiny Milton II and our vision to be "engaging, balanced and connected." 

Public Input Opportunities

A public Information centre took place on March 28, 2012 that offered information on Perennial Milton and the opportunity for members of the public to provide feedback on the current direction.


The plan is currently being developed by an internal team of staff members representing all Town departments. Public consultation is an important aspect of the process. The plan will ultimately require Council approval.

Perennial Milton will be an amendment to the Town's Official Plan and treated as a section within the document. As a result of being an amendment to the Official Plan, it will follow all statutory requirements.  

Perennial Milton is designed to be a living document. The plan will include recommendations on how and when to update it, ensuring that the document remains current and relevant.


Action Item Estimated Completion Time 
Development of the plan Winter 2012 
Public Information Centre (PIC) March 28, 2012
Public feedback deadline  April 6, 2012
Review of the plan (includes internal and external parties) Spring 2012 
Presentation to Council and statutory public meeting June 2012 
Finalization of the plan June 2012
Implementation of the plan  Ongoing