Sign By-law

The Sign By-law regulates the size, use, location and maintenance of permanent signs and advertising on private property within the Town of Milton. The By-law ensures that the sign:

  • is consistent with the planning, design and heritage objectives of Milton
  • does not pose a health or safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians
  • does not obstruct any business or service from being identified
  • is compatible with the surroundings
  • is regulated to balance the right to expression with the purpose of the By-law

Sign By-law #120-2017

Obtain a Sign Permit 

A Sign Permit can be obtained from the Planning and Development Department for a fee.

Please submit a completed application form along with the documents listed below:

  • Application Form
  • Two (2) copies of a metric site plan or survey showing location of unit and/or area to be occupied, parking area, etc. clearly showing the proposed ground sign and all setbacks; and/or location of fascia sign on building.
  • Two (2) copies of Construction drawings for all proposed signs.
  • Information on all existing signs on the subject property.
  • Permit fee

Submit to:

  • Planning and Development 150 Mary Street Milton, Ontario Canada L9T 6Z5
  • Phone: 905-878-7252 ext 2397
  • TTY: 905-878-1657

(Incomplete Applications May Not Be Accepted)

Sign Variances 

Where it has been determined that a variance to the sign by-law is required to establish a proposed sign, a sign variance application and associated fee (fee details in Fees and Schedules) can be submitted for review and consideration by the Planning and Development Department. 

Applicants for sign variances must establish that their sign proposal meets the intent of the by-law as set out above, in order for the sign variance application to be approved.

Contact information is on the left of this page. 

Additional Information