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Supportive Housing Study

The Town is undertaking a Supportive Housing Study to ensure policies and zoning regulations meet the current needs of the community and are in compliance with legislation.

Study Documents

The Supportive Housing Study was endorsed by Town Council on January 29, 2018.  Next steps will be to draft policy amendments that will be brought forward through the statutory public process early 2018. 


In 2002, the Town undertook a Group Homes Study which was intended to provide recommendations with respect to the Town of Milton's policy and regulatory framework relating to the establishment of group homes. The Study involved:

  • Review of the existing Official Plan policies and zoning provisions;
  • Research on policy and zoning approaches used in other jurisdictions;
  • Stakeholder consultation;
  • Evaluation of issues;
  • Development of options arising from the research, evaluation and consultation; and
  • Recommendations of revisions required to the policy and regulatory framework to address the issues raised.

Based upon the recommendations of the study, Council adopted amendments to both its Official Plan and Zoning By-law to update its policy and regulatory framework. These amendments have not been reviewed or updated since that time.

2017 Study Objectives:

The new Supportive Housing Study will seek to gain a better understanding of the existing supportive housing policy framework, identify what the desired supportive housing framework should look like and set out how to update Milton's policy framework to meet the needs of the community and ensure compliance with provincial and national legislation as well as the Human Rights Code. 

Public Consultation: 

The Town and consulting team will be hosted a Community Open Housing to convey present background work and gather community input on the Study on November 1, 2017.  Attached is a courtesy copy of the notice of public consultation meeting: