The Heritage Register covers designated and listed heritage properties that have a range of heritage significance. These can include houses, barns, churches, parks, war memorials, pioneer cemeteries, stores and some industrial buildings. Some are of limited heritage value, while a few properties are worthy of Heritage Designation under S.29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

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We update the Heritage Register regularly to include address changes, discovered properties and remove demolished buildings.

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Applying for Heritage Listing

Please contact us if your property has buildings or structures that you think have heritage value and interest. We’ll determine their heritage significance and if they should be included on the Heritage Register.

Making changes to listed properties

You may need to apply for a Heritage Permit if you’re altering a designated heritage property to ensure that its heritage is preserved.

You don’t have to apply for a Heritage Permit if you are making alterations to a listed heritage property. Please contact us prior to undertaking any building alterations to ensure that the heritage attributes of the listed property are not harmed.

Demolition of a heritage property

We review proposals to demolish buildings and structures on the Heritage Register. We normally require a Heritage Impact Assessment, in accordance with our terms of reference, to fully understand and take into account the heritage significance, which we share with Heritage Milton for consultation and advice to staff.