Milton's Mobility Hub includes the area within a 10-minute walk from the Milton GO Station. This area is a destination point for residents and visitors. It has tremendous potential for transit-supportive development and public realm enhancements.

Policy directions

On April 12, 2021, Milton Council gave Town staff the green light to move forward with creating policies to guide the development around Milton’s mobility hub, in the downtown core. The goal over the next few months is to develop short-term planning initiatives with the community’s input and final approval from Council. These short-term policy solutions will address building heights, density, land use, parking, urban design and open space.

Mobility Hub Study

We completed the Mobility Hub Study in summer 2020. For a copy of the final Mobility Hub Study report, please contact us. Thank you to everyone who participated in the study and provided feedback. To view a demonstration plan that shows one way that the area may look at full build-out in 30 years, go to the project's Let's Talk Milton page. The recommended planning framework provides flexibility for many approaches. This means, the area may not look exactly like the Demonstration Plan, but it illustrates the scale of development required to achieve the density target mandated by the Province of Ontario.

Here are the study’s key findings and recommendations for long-term development of the Milton Mobility Hub: A Hub of Possibility:


One of the primary goals for Milton’s Mobility Hub is to achieve the density target, set out by the Province, for the Downtown Milton Urban Growth Centre. The Study found that the area may eventually accommodate 25,411 residents with 4,137 jobs.

Character and built form

The Study divides the area into five precincts (Main Street East, Station Precinct, Ontario Corridor, Thompson Corridor and Transitional Area). Each precinct would have a distinct character and built form. For detailed descriptions of each precinct, view the report.

Urban greening and publicly accessible open space

The Study identifies opportunities for more greenery in the area to improve air quality and adapt to climate change.


The goal is to provide transportation choices for people living within walking distance of the transit hub. This will create a walkable destination, that will in turn stimulate investment in facilities and services, including regional transit.


The Study includes a Servicing Report that lists sustainable urban drainage systems that could potentially be used.


The Study provides recommendations for implementation including early solutions and interventions, area specific plans and policies, zoning updates, urban design guidelines and built for performance standards, alternative Town standards, incentives and partnerships and phasing and finance.

Next steps

Town staff will develop short-term policy solutions to better manage development in the area. Longer-term policy implementation measures include a secondary plan in 2022 and further policy provisions as part of the Town’s new Official Plan in 2023.

Get involved

We’re inviting you to review the future plans for the Milton GO Station and its nearby area, and follow the project as it moves forwards.

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A virtual community meeting is being held on June 23 to discuss and collect the public’s input on short-term policy solutions for the area.

Throughout the Mobility Hub Study, we held three public information to present display panels, collect feedback on planning and development concepts, and provide study updates.