Affiliation Program

Affiliation status is available to not-for-profit, volunteer-based organizations whose programs and services are aligned with the goal of "a vibrant and connected community" in Milton’s “Destiny Milton 3” strategic action plan. The Affiliation Program assists the Town in achieving a complete, sustainable and livable community where people live, work, learn and play. 

Priority will be given to organizations that provide recreational, artistic and cultural programs and services that benefit the Milton community.

Applying for Affiliated Status

Your organization is welcome to contact the Community Services Department, as indicated on the left of this page, to verify eligibility before making an application.

You will be required to submit the following supporting documentation with this application form:

  • List of executive officer and/or Board of Directors including names, town/city and telephone numbers
  • Minutes of your organization’s last annual general meeting (If your election of officers is conducted at another meeting, please also provide a copy of those meeting minutes. If the rationale for this timing is not documented in your constitution or by-laws, an explanation should also be provided.)
  • Financial statements for the previous year (required only for applicants requesting affiliated rates for facility rentals)
  • Operating budget for your organization’s operating year
  • Constitution and/or organizing by-laws
  • Letters patent (applicable to not for profit corporations)
  • Schedule of your organization’s events, programs and / or services

If there are documents that you can't provide at this time, you have the option to submit the form and then return to it later to add missing information.  All required documents must be submitted before your application can be evaluated.

 Benefits of Affiliation

The following services may be available to affiliated organizations:

  • Council-approved affiliated (reduced) rates for:
    • Use of Town-owned and Town-administered facilities
    • Advertising space for outdoor municipal signs
  • Advanced seasonal bookings or event bookings in Town facilities
  • Priority access to school board facilities through the Town's reciprocal agreement with the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.
  • Access to Town of Milton facility space (where available) at reduced rates for program registration.
  • Access to Town of Milton meeting rooms (when available for public use) for meetings and/or activities (up to a maximum of 16 hours per year at no charge or as negotiated at the time of application).
  • Assistance of a Town of Milton staff liaison, acting in an advisory capacity.
  • Provision of up-to-date information on grants and funding opportunities.
  • Access to the Milton Community Fund for financial assistance (Affiliated groups as well as other organizations are eligible to apply for funding from this program).
  • Assistance in connecting with other community organizations and government programs.
  • Volunteer outreach.

Approval for affiliated status does not guarantee access to space or funding. The level of support received as an affiliated organization may vary annually.

 Eligibility for Affiliation

Who is eligible for affiliation?

  • Not-for-profit, volunteer-based organizations and service clubs that provide and support leisure activities for Milton residents.
  • Organizations that exist for the benefit of Milton and provides services that are available to residents of Milton.
  • Operates under the authority of a volunteer board or executive committee, comprised of not less than five members.
  • Has a minimum of 75% of its membership/registrants comprised of Milton residents. It is recognized that a broader population base is sometimes required for organizations to be successful. Exemptions to the 75% residency requirement may be granted based on one of the following as it  relates to your group:
    • Provides a new or emerging service
    • Services a population with special needs
    • Caters to a high performance/elite level of activity
    • Showcases community events, which draw a significant audience base
  • Holds an annual general meeting.
  • Elects a board of directors or executive committee from the general membership through a democratic election process.
  • Has existed in the community for more than one year.
  • Is  capable of carrying out your objectives and financial obligations.
  • Adheres to the Ontario Human Rights Code and makes membership available to all  Milton residents without restriction (Membership restrictions based on geographic location, skill, facility limitations, or age may be permitted; however, the organization must demonstrate that Milton residents have  priority in accessing membership).

 Who is not eligible for affiliation?

Organizations whose primary interest is in promoting professional associations or business  opportunities (Please contact the Town's Economic Development Office for information on alternate business support opportunities in Milton, as shown on the left side of this page).

  • Organizations whose main purpose is related to religious and belief system activities.
  • National or provincial organizations.
  • Social service organizations.

Affiliated Organizations