Crossing Guards

A Crossing Guard's job is to temporarily stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Crossing Guards are valuable and make the safety of the children their first priority. Please appreciate their hard work and dedication by being respectful and following their instructions.

Keep School Children Safe

What are the rules of the road for school crossings vs. pedestrian crossovers?

Marked School Crossings:

Drivers/cyclists must:

  • Stop for school crossing guards

  • Wait until pedestrians and crossing guards are completely off the road before proceeding

Pedestrians should:

  • Be aware that without a crossing guard, motorists are not required by law to stop at school crossings

Cyclists and scooter riders must:

  • Walk bikes and scooters in the crossing

Pedestrian Crossovers (Some have flashing lights/push buttons):


Drivers/cyclists must:

  • Stop for pedestrians crossing the road

  • Wait until pedestrians are completely off the road before proceeding

Pedestrians should:

  • Push button for flashing lights, if applicable
  • Indicate intention to cross
  • Make eye contact to ensure the driver sees you
  • Wait for traffic to stop

Cyclists and scooter riders must:

  • Walk bikes and scooters in the crossing

Rules at School Crossings

​Drivers and cyclists must stop and remain stopped where there is a crossing guard displaying a stop sign until both the pedestrians and the crossing guard have left the roadway and are safely on the sidewalk.  For more information, visit the Ministry of Transportation website.

At a school crossing location, if a crossing guard is not present, pedestrians do not have the right of way as this is not a "pedestrian crossover." For details please visit our pedestrian crossover web page.

General Information 

  • Crossing Guards are placed in strategic locations to serve elementary schools within the municipality
  • New locations will be studied and must meet a warrant prior to placement of a Crossing Guard
  • Crossing Guards work scheduled shifts, which are specifically coordinated with school entrance and dismissal times in the area where they are stationed
  • Crossing Guard services are provided by the Town of Milton and are administered through the Engineering Services Department

How Parents/Caregivers Can Help 

Walk to School

  • Walking to and from school is a safe way for children to get exercise on a daily basis.  In addition, it reduces stress by establishing a quiet time before and after school. 
  • Car traffic around schools is busiest in the 10 minutes preceding entrance times, so plan your walk so that you arrive a little bit earlier to avoid this congested period.
  • Parents/caregivers who regularly drive their children are encouraged to let their children out a block or so away from the school to reduce traffic and exhaust fumes around the school. Better yet, arrange for a group to walk together and leave the car at home.

Encourage Following the Rules

  • Parents/caregivers should insist that your children cross with the Crossing Guards and not "J" walk and/or cross on their own.
  • You and your children should become familiar with the Crossing Guard's schedule to ensure they have a safe trip to and from school.
  • Please reinforce that Crossing Guards will advise children using their bicycles or skateboards that they must walk, not ride across the street.
  • Adults and high school students can set a good example by obeying the Crossing Guard as well.

How Motorists Can Help 

Crossing Guards are given the authority under the Highway Traffic act to require vehicles to stop and obey their stop sign. All drivers can providing a safe traffic environment for children by:

  • Patiently obeying the Crossing Guard in the intersection
  • Parking appropriately
  • Stopping appropriately
  • Not making U-turns
  • Not blocking driveways or parking in or near the crossing location
  • Not passing school busses inappropriately
  • Always being aware that there are children in the immediate area