Anti-graffiti Program

Reporting Graffiti

Graffiti crime is defined as any writing, drawing or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the property owner, authorized agent or designate.If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately. You can report graffiti by using the online form below or using the contact information on the left side of this page.

Online FormReport Graffiti

Action Taken

When reporting forms are submitted, they are received and processed by Town staff. We don't respond to form submissions but we do act on each submission as follows:

  • Municipal property: Offensive phrases are removed within 24 hours of reporting; other graffiti has a 72-hour response time.
  • Private property: Town by-law officers will advise the property owner to have the graffiti removed. 
  • Utility boxes: These are referred to the utility company for them to do the clean up.

Thanks for Your Help

The Town of Milton's Engineering Services Department is working closely with Halton Regional Police to eliminate graffiti within the community. Together, with your help, we can strive to combat graffiti and provide a welcoming environment to all residents and visitors. We appreciate your assistance in reporting any graffiti that you observe.