Heat and Cold Warnings

When Halton Region issues a cold or heat warnings many town facilities are available for use as warming/cooling centres. The Town of Milton urges its residents to take the necessary precautions to limit outdoor activity and keep warm/cool at one of our facilities.

Cooling/Warming Centres

All residents are invited to visit any of the cooling/warming centres listed below during a sustained heat or cold warnings to rest, cool down or warm up

  • Milton Leisure Centre, 1100 Main St. E.
  • Milton Sports Centre, 605 Santa Maria Blvd.
  • Milton Seniors Activity Centre, 500 Childs Dr.

 picture of a thermometer in the snow   

Learn about heat illnesses and how to take precautions and prevent health issues in extreme heat.

Halton Region Heat Warnings                                                                      


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Learn about the risks associated with extreme cold temperatures and the steps to take to protect yourself from cold-related injuries.

Halton Region Cold Warnings