Protect our Green Spaces

Contribute to the health of the environment by helping to protect the Town-owned green spaces around your home. Milton's green spaces include natural areas, such as woodlots, ravines, and streams, as well as naturalized areas, such as  man-made storm water management ponds and channels. These areas allow native plants and animals to thrive, which contributes to our quality of life and the well-being of our environment, both today and in the future.

Green spaces are built into the design of our community as they perform important functions in maintaining the health of the environment. These spaces also provide a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Your actions can affect natural and naturalized areas, which are vital for the health and well being of our environment today and for generations to come. The best thing you can do for the natural and naturalized areas in your community is to leave them untouched. Together, we can ensure our green spaces are enjoyed for many years to come.

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