Temporary Closures and Construction Notices

Visit Halton Region's website for construction projects on Regional Roads in Milton.  

Road and Bridge Needs Studies

Every two years, the Town conducts Road and Bridge Needs studies. Road segments are evaluated in terms of surface type, width, capacity, structural adequacy and drainage. Bridges are evaluated in terms of crossing type, number of spans, deck width and deck length. Culverts of greater than 3 metres diameter are evaluated in terms of crossing type, culvert type, number of spans and total length. Deficiencies are classified as 'now' needs, 1 - 5 year needs and 6 - 10 year needs for each type of infrastructure.

Line Painting

Town-owned urban and rural roads, bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks are re-painted every spring. ("Town-owned roads" refers to all roads in Milton except Regional Roads.)

Rural roads: Centre line painting

Centre lines on rural roads are re-painted overnight by a Town contractor, weather permitting (no rain). Paint typically takes 2-3 minutes to dry, but during humid weather, it could take up to 60 minutes.

Drivers are asked to exercise caution when roads are being painted. Although paint trucks may be driving slower than the speed limit and it may be tempting to pass them, it will inevitably lead to road paint getting stuck to your vehicle - which is very difficult to remove.

Road Paint

Should road paint get stuck to your vehicle, read the guidelines on How to Remove Road Paint from Your Vehicle, provided by Town's contractor. 

Long Range Planning

Roads, bridges and other Town-owned infrastructure are evaluated to determine the condition and recommended repair, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction strategies. Long range planning involves coordinating and scheduling the work programs for various asset categories within the Town's 10-year capital forecast, based on project priorities and funding availability. Major projects, requiring a Schedule C Class environmental assessment prior to design and construction, may take several years to complete and must be scheduled accordingly.

Roads and Infrastructure Management 

Infrastructure for the Town of Milton includes all Town-owned roads, bridges and sewers. (Major arterial roads and watermains are the responsibility of Halton Region.) The Town of Milton Engineering Services Department provides technical services for all new construction and reconstruction and is responsible for ongoing maintenance of all existing infrastructure.

The Town is also responsible for storm sewers. Water and wastewater are the responsibility of Halton Region.