Suggest a Name for Streets and Facilities

Are you interested in having a street, park or Town facility named after someone who has made a significant contribution to our community, province or country? Or, perhaps you have a suggestion for a name that has historical, community, geographical, ecological, functional or commemorative value to Milton residents. Members of the public are invited to submit names to be considered for the Town of Milton Name Bank. Names that meet specific criteria are stored in the Name Bank to be used for streets and Town-owned facilities, such as parks, buildings, woodlots, storm water management ponds and other amenities.

Names To Submit

Your Name Bank suggestion will be considered if it corresponds to the criteria established in Appendix B of Report PD-042-15: "Revised Corporate Policy No. 070: Naming Streets".

No Duplicates Please

Before you start your Application for Name Bank Submission, please check the list of existing street names to avoid duplication:

 Application for Name Bank Submission
History of Existing Street Names 

Interested in the learning about the history of some existing street names? Read through the special features on the history of streets in Milton and surrounding areas, provided courtesy of local historians John Challinor II and Jim Dills.