Winter Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can senior citizens and people with disabilities get help with snow clearing?

The Town offers the Windrow Removal Program. This service will help remove windrows - piles of snow left at the bottom of driveways after the snowplow passes - for seniors and persons with disabilities living in Milton. The program is limited to 75 residents.

2. How long does it take to plow Town streets?

Once 2 cm of snow has accumulated, the Town begins snow-clearing operations in a priority sequence, beginning with regional roads, arterial and collector roads and finally residential roads. Residential roads are plowed after the priority areas have been cleared and 10cm of snow accumulation has occurred.

3. Who is responsible for clearing snow around bus shelters and bus stops?

The Town is responsible for clearing snow around the bus shelter.

Milton Transit is responsible for overseeing the snow removal from inside the shelters. To report any shelters that have not been cleaned of snow within 36 hours after a snow event, please call 905-864-4141.

4. Who do I call to report a street that has not been cleared?

It is important to remember that the Town's first priority is keeping the main roads clear. The Town begins snow-clearing operations in a priority sequence, beginning with regional roads, arterial and collector roads. Residential roads are not plowed until 10cm of snow accumulation has occurred. If a residential road with at least 10 cm of snow has not been cleared within 24 hours after the snow event has stopped, residents can call the Town of Milton's Snow Control Services in one of the ways listed on the left of this page. 

5. Why is it prohibited to park on the street during a snowstorm?

Parked vehicles can prevent snow removal crews from clearing the roads in a timely and efficient manner. Vehicles obstructing snow clearing operations are subject to a fine and may be towed at the owner's expense. Street parking excemptions will be suspended during snow clearing operations.  If parked vehicles are a problem on your street, please call Parking Enforcement at 905-878-7252, ext. 2530.

6. Who is responsible for clearing snow around Canada Post Super Mailboxes?

Canada Post is responsible for clearing the snow and ice around Super Mailboxes. If your mailbox is blocked by snow, please call Canada Post at 1 800-267-1177.

7. What is the total area cleared by the Town?

The Town provides winter maintenance to more than 1,400 lane km of Regional and Town roads (taking both sides of roadways into account) and more than 119 km of designated walkways and sidewalks.

8. Why does the snow plow push snow onto my driveway after I have shoveled it?

The primary objective of our work crew is to maximize the quality of snow clearing on the traveled portion of the roadway. The plow operator has limited control over the amount and direction of snow that comes off the plow. However, you can help by piling the snow on the right side at the end of your driveway, looking towards the street from your driveway. This can help reduce the amount of snow pushed back onto your driveway when a snowplow passes.

9. Who repairs my mailbox if it is damaged by a Town plow?

The Operations Staff of the Town regret any inconvenience caused by recent damages to your mailbox as a result of our winter snow plowing operations.

The Town of Milton will reimburse residents up to $100.00 towards repairs. To report mailbox damage by a Town plow, please use the contact information on the left of this page. Staff will assess the damage and provide instructions for submitting your receipt. Your claim must be submitted no later than May 15 in order to receive reimbursement. Any claims submitted after the deadline will not be considered.