Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an issue that has affected ash trees throughout Canada and the United States. We are taking a proactive approach to the Emerald Ash Borer insect problem. Learn how we treat, remove and replace trees infected with EAB.

EAB on your property

You’ll need to first identify the type of tree on your property. Only ash trees are infected with EAB. You are responsible for any affected tree on your property including the removal of dead, dying and/or hazard trees and limbs. You can contact us by email or give us a call at 905-878-7252 x2500 if you are unsure about whether or not a tree is on your property or Milton property.

For urban areas, as a general rule, the property line (between road right-or-way and residential lot) is close to where the water shut off valve is located. You can see the valve sometimes in your driveway or in your front yard a few metres from the sidewalk or road curb.


The Town of Milton is injecting approximately 150-200 infected ash trees with TreeAzin to kill EAB insects and larvae and preserve the life of larger ash trees in good condition. TreeAzin is toxic to EAB, but is not harmful to the tree, humans or animals. We’ve decided to consider treating all ash trees on Milton property if the tree:

  • Is in good to excellent condition (no more than 10%-15% dieback)
  • Has a 20 cm diameter at breast height

We took this approach in order to prevent and limit the spread of EAB within the Milton tree canopy. This will also allow for a systematic successional planting and removals approach to the issue rather then use a “clearcutting” approach.

Removal and replacement

Over the past few years we have removed approximately 4,000 ash trees throughout the urban and suburban areas of Milton. We’ve decided to remove all ash trees on Milton property that are in fair or poor condition. Extensive removals in rural area road right-of-ways is currently underway with a three-year tree removals plan.

All trees removed in the urban and suburban road-right-of-ways are being replaced with a blend of tree species. This approach is to diversify our municipal flora and prevent the spread of any future infestations that may target a specific species of plant.

We appreciate people’s patience as we continue to deal with the aftermath of this destructive insect. Unfortunately, with a program of replacing over 4,000 dead trees we will loose some of the juvenile replacement trees in the process. Town staff track all trees that require replacement, trees under warranty and will address all deficiencies. Town staff will endeavour to ensure that over time all trees removed will be replaced with thriving trees (with consideration of approved budgets and the time of year suitable for planting). 

What is Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer is a small green insect about half the size of a dime. The EAB larvae feed on the vascular tissues of ash trees causing the tree to lose its ability use water and nutrients. The tree will eventually die.