Learn how you can manage your tax billing account in the Town of Milton.

Pay your taxes


Tax bills are mailed twice per year. The interim tax bill is sent early February and the final tax bill is sent early June.

Sign up for e-post billing

Have your interim and final property tax bill delivered through Canada Post's e-post service.  Make sure to have your Town of Milton property tax bill on hand in order to sign up.

The following cannot be sent via e-post:

  • supplementary billings
  • overdue notices
  • general correspondence

These mailings will be sent using Canada Post mail services.

Changing your contact information

Please submit the following form to change your mailing address and/or provide up-to-date contact information.

 Request a Change to Contact Information  

Changing your school support

You can change your current school support by contacting the appropriate school board that you’d prefer:

Once the school board processes your application, they notify the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) who update their records for the following taxation year.

Letter of Authorization

You can have a third party receive property tax information on your behalf. Complete a Letter of Authorization Form and send it to us before they make a request.

How do I cancel my payment plan? 

Please complete the Account Change or Cancellation form 

If you recently sold a property and purchased a new property, be sure to cancel your payment arrangement on the old property. We need to be notified at least 15 business days before your next withdrawal date in order to cancel your program or make changes to your withdrawal account.

Failure to notify the Town of an upcoming sale and the effective cancellation dates could result in further payment withdrawals and fees to correct the error.

If you move within Milton, the PTP program is not transferable. The program must be cancelled on the previous property and a new application must be completed for the new property according to the enrollment deadlines indicated within the terms and conditions of this program. Fees may apply if a refund due to taxes paid in error occurs.