Detour Notice - during construction on Britannia Road: April 6 - October 2020

Stop IDs: 2419, 2420, 2421 Temporarily Closed

Please use alternate bus stop IDs during detour 10 Farmstead; stop IDs 3010, 2422

During Britannia Road closure due to construction: Milton Transit 10 Farmstead will continue traveling southbound on Bronte Street South, eastbound on Etheridge and continue eastbound to Farmstead and turn back westbound on Etheridge, northbound on Bronte Street South resuming normal route for remainder of the trip.

Normal fixed route travelling southbound on Leger Way, westbound on Britannia, northbound on Bronte Street South from Britannia to Etheridge will not be used during construction of Britannia Road widening. Construction details posted online Project #: PR-2667 / PR-2668 / PR-2669 / PR-2670.