Milton is currently undertaking an update to the Town’s Development Charges Background Studies and By-laws.

In accordance with the legislative requirements outlined in the Development Charges Act1997, the Town of Milton has released the Development Charges Background Study as prepared by Watson & Associates. The DC Background Study includes:

  • Summary of the residential and non-residential growth forecast for the Town
  • Review of historical services standards and identification of future capital requirements to service the growth;
  • Calculation of the development charges
  • DC policy recommendations and rules
  • Draft Development Charge By-law(s)

Statutory public meeting

The DC Background Study and draft By-law will be the subject of a statutory public meeting on March 22, 2021. This meeting is intended for Council and staff to gather feedback and recommendations from the public as part of the consultation process. Any feedback received will be considered as staff prepare a report for Council consideration of the By-law in May. It is intended that the revised By-law will be enacted prior to the expiration of the existing By-law on June 28, 2021.

Feedback on the draft DC Background Study is encouraged using the ideas tool on Let's Talk Milton or by participating at the statutory public meeting: