Public service announcement

There is still time to have your say on how and where future growth may shape the community through Milton’s new Official Plan.

Public engagement is at the heart of We Make Milton, the new Official Plan project that will manage growth and development in the community to the year 2051.

The Growing in Milton step of the project explores policy options regarding:

  • Promoting a local approach to growth.
  • Establishing Milton’s future land use structure.
  • Managing growth within the settlement areas.
  • Envisioning growth and promoting good practice.
  • Promoting resource and environmental protection.
  • Delivering infrastructure and community services.

Complete the survey and get involved

The community can visit Let’s Talk Milton to engage in a variety of ways:


A report with policy recommendations is expected to go to Milton Council for approval in November.

In 2021, Milton Council endorsed a modern, forward-looking land-use vision for the new Official Plan that reflects our diverse, young and innovative community: ‘Milton 2051: Choice Shapes Us. In 2051, Milton offers a diversity of options for how and where we live, work, move and grow. As we evolve, choice is what shapes us.’

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For media inquiries, please contact:

Rob Faulkner
Senior Advisor, Public Relations
Email Communications Staff