Downtown Study to act as catalyst for redevelopment of Milton's core

Posted on Tuesday January 26, 2016

News release -

The Town of Milton is undertaking a Downtown Study to analyze the current state of Milton's Downtown and identify opportunities for redevelopment and revitalization, according to staff report PD-005-16, which was presented to the Town’s Committee of the Whole on January 25, 2016.

The study will ultimately provide the foundation by which cultural and economic activity can flourish in the core of the community. The Town will take a leadership role in encouraging development by implementing a vision for Downtown Milton and supporting appropriate forms of redevelopment and investment in the downtown that are more attractive for developers.

The primary area of the study coincides with the boundary of the historic downtown core which consists of a significant portion of Town-owned lands (Civic Precinct). This area will be the study's first priority, to provide a strong civic base for downtown revitalization to advance.

"The Town will play an important role in this project through the development of the civic precinct lands by providing more open space between Town Hall and Main Street, and encouraging further development in the core," said Bill Mann, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Milton. "Although much of the downtown is located in a floodplain, there are still opportunities for a variety of uses including a balance of retail, office and residential in some key areas of Downtown Milton."

Five elements of a healthy community are identified as part of the study’s vision: a civic presence as an anchor in the downtown (with emphasis on re-development of Town-owned lands); respecting existing heritage; a vibrant, engaging public realm; pedestrian friendly, interactive areas; and a gathering place for the entire community.

An initial public open house was held in June 2015 to outline the purpose of the study. Background work was done in late 2015 and the study has resumed in 2016, with a second public input session expected to be announced in early 2016.  Next steps in the study will be to undertake a market analysis to determine what growth can be accommodated in the Downtown from an economic perspective, followed by a business plan and detailed policy analysis.

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