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"GO Connect Service" pilot project shows early signs of success

Posted on Tuesday November 10, 2015

News release -

The Dynamic Transit Pilot Project known as "GO Connect Service" has been well received by Milton Transit users, as stated in staff report ENG 028-15 which was presented to the Town of Milton’s Committee of the Whole on November 9, 2015.

Launched on May 4, 2015, the pilot program offers an alternative service delivery that addresses passenger connectivity challenges between GO Transit and Milton Transit, through an application (app)-based, demand-responsive system. GO Connect is co-funded by the Town and Metrolinx, operated by a local taxi service provider, with the application provided by RideCo.

"The dynamic transit pilot provides an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable transportation option for Milton Transit passengers who connect to and from GO Transit service," said Town of Milton Mayor Gord Krantz. "We have been pleased to collaborate with Metrolinx and RideCo to pilot an innovative and efficient alternative in order to meet the needs of our customers."

The service operates during the weekday morning and evening peak periods, connecting customers to and from their preferred GO Trains. Shuttles operate on optimized routes, based on reservation requests and pick-up/drop-off locations. The vehicle routing is created and optimized by the software algorithm, which dynamically adjusts routes and pick-up/drop-off locations to maximize operational efficiency and minimize real-time travel delays (i.e. traffic). The result is a premium, convenient transit service that allocates resources based on demand.

Since its launch, the pilot program has seen consistent month-to-month ridership growth, averaging a 24 per cent growth rate, with 45 per cent of customers having switched from automobile use to dynamic transit, and 7 per cent as new customers to the system. The flexibility of the program allows Milton Transit to increase service efficiency month to month and ensure cost recovery due to online payments made in advance (in the case of no shows). The dynamic pricing factor – which customizes pricing based on pick-up/drop-off locations - will continue to be further investigated and tested as the pilot program continues.

The pilot project will continue until April 2016, at which time opportunities for pilot extension and program funding will be explored.

For the full staff report (ENG-028-15), visit our website. For information on Milton Transit, visit www.miltontransit.ca.

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