Town encourages residents to be “in the know” about snow

Posted on Monday January 29, 2018

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With an early and intense start to the wintry weather, the Town of Milton is encouraging residents and business owners to help community members and visitors navigate roads and sidewalks safely and efficiently during stormy weather.

“The biggest challenge presented during recent snowstorms was the large numbers of cars parked on the road, which impeded road and sidewalk-clearing operations,” said Paul Cripps, Commissioner, Engineering Services.  “During a recent storm, there were 60 streets that could not be plowed by operators due to parked cars, which prevented us from helping motorists and pedestrians travel to where they needed to be.”

Town by-law enforcement staff has issued 177 tickets for impeding snow clearing operations during snow events from October 1 to January 22. Parked cars slow down plow operators as they need to navigate around the vehicles and oftentimes need to back up and leave the street completely when there is insufficient space to pass a parked car. When operations crews ramp up plowing operations, the Town suspends street parking exemptions to help clear roads more efficiently. The Town encourages residents to park in their garages and driveways, in parking lots of nearby plazas/businesses (ask first!) or in the Town’s overnight parking lot at 222 Mary Street.

Another challenge for plow operators is the boulevard (Town property between the home’s property and the road). The Town is asking residents to keep the boulevards clear of basketball nets, lawn ornaments, stonework and other features that can interfere with the plow as it passes along the street (By-law #115-2005).

Once 2 cm of snow has accumulated, operators plow roads, starting with higher priority/ traffic Regional and Town roads, followed by arterial and then collector roads. These roads are cleared to bare, centre bare or snow-packed, according to their classification, within 2 to 12 hours after the end of the storm, depending on how much snow has accumulated. Residential roads are plowed after priority areas and once 10 cm of snow has accumulated, with the plowing starting as soon as the storm has ended.  Residential roads are plowed to a “snow packed” standard and not “bare pavement” as these roads are a different classification than priority roads.

With snow accumulations of 5 cm or more, the Town plows sidewalks and pathways associated with schools, transit routes and major pedestrian travel. Residents and business owners are responsible for clearing snow on sidewalks that are not designated on the Town's sidewalk plow routes. Residents are reminded that snow should not be shoveled or blown onto sidewalks, roads or Town property (By-law #115-2005). The Town offers registration in the fall for their Windrow Removal Program to help seniors and persons with disabilities living in Milton remove windrows, the piles of snow left at the bottom of driveways after the snow plow passes.

Residents are asked to wait until 24 hours after a storm has ended before reporting a snow-related issue by contacting Engineering Services at 905-878-7252 x2500, or using the myMILTON mobile app (

More information about snow control is available at, including snow plow routes and response times for roads and sidewalks.

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