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Milton’s first-ever local culture plan was passed unanimously by Council at its meeting on July 19, 2021. The ten-year plan, “Here to Stay”, is a roadmap for the future of the Town’s cultural policies and investments.

The plan allows the Town to better understand its role in growing and supporting culture within the community.

“Milton is home to a culturally diverse and inclusive community,” said Mayor Gord Krantz. “With culture at the centre of community building and development, the culture plan is a path forward and provides a framework to integrate cultural planning into Town projects.”

The culture plan features five strategic avenues of action that enhance Milton as a Place of Possibility:

  1. Foster a resilient and collaborative cultural sector
  2. Celebrate and share Milton’s diversity
  3. Support Indigenous cultural resurgence
  4. Strengthen culture-led economic and social development
  5. Expand investment in cultural infrastructure, including places and spaces

The plan comes after months of equitable, collaborative and creative public consultation. Through this cultural planning process, community members and stakeholders defined culture as the expression of Milton’s diverse identities through Milton’s people, places, stories and beliefs.

For more information about the culture plan and its strategic directions and detailed actions, visit the project’s web page.

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