Milton Council adopted the Milton Education Village (MEV) Secondary Plan at its Dec. 14, 2020 meeting, facilitating the development of a complete community that blends post-secondary education with a mix of other complementary uses, into a comprehensively planned neighbourhood.

The vision for the MEV Secondary Plan area is to develop a dynamic urban village, where innovation meets natural wonder. This vision will be realized by the integration of leading academic institutions, outdoor recreational opportunities, views of the Niagara Escarpment, state-of-the-art research and design facilities and environmentally-conscious urban design.

“On behalf of Milton Council, I would like to congratulate and thank staff, residents, community groups, local businesses and our post-secondary partners Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College for their continuous support and effort to make the Milton Education Village a reality,” said Mayor Gord Krantz. “The Secondary Plan was developed with, and for, the community. We look forward to seeing this lively innovation district come to life in Milton.”

The MEV will connect people, business, education and recreational opportunities through a fully integrated transportation system, accommodating public transit, vehicles, walking and cycling. With a mix of opportunities for young people to learn on-the-job and for forward-thinking businesses to leverage local students and talent, the MEV will be a centre for innovative solutions and education.

“After many years of meaningful land use planning, the Town of Milton is pleased to announce the adoption of the MEV Secondary Plan,” said Andrew Siltala, Milton’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Accommodating over 12,803 people and 2,500 knowledge-based jobs, the MEV will foster innovation and promote collaboration, interaction and synergies between the land uses of employment, post-secondary institutions, long-term care and mixed housing.”

Innovation happens when people from various sectors and backgrounds come together to share ideas. The Milton Education Village provides a diversity of uses for these meetings to take place naturally.

The MEV Secondary Plan (Official Plan Amendment No. 62) will now be submitted to Halton Region for approval and the Town of Milton will request a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) from the province to expedite a preliminary phase of development in the core area of the MEV. This first phase will include post-secondary campuses, long-term and hospice care, a high school, a variety of housing choice including affordable and student housing and a village core with a mix of development to promote innovation employment, walkability, transit and the efficient delivery of infrastructure.

The Secondary Plan provides for a mix of residential, commercial, retail, institutional and employment uses in a walkable urban district. Located on the innovation corridor, the 400-acre site is centered on the Mattamy National Cycling Centre – south of Derry Road, west of Tremaine Road and north of Britannia Road, adjacent to the Niagara Escarpment.

For more information about the MEV Secondary Plan, view the staff report.

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