On April 12, 2021, Milton Council gave Town staff the green light to move forward with creating policies to guide the development around Milton’s Mobility Hub, in the downtown core.

Milton’s vision of a complete community includes developing the land across Town in a deliberate way to meet the current and future needs of the community. Many key areas of land around Milton are designated for different purposes. In this particular area, essentially an area within a 10-minute walk of the Milton GO Station, the land use is geared to meet several purposes for the resident, business or employee need. The goal over the next few months is to develop short-term planning initiatives with the community’s input and final approval from Council. These short-term policy solutions will address building heights, density, land use, parking, urban design and open space.

“The area around the Milton GO Station is already evolving with high-density residential development built, under construction, approved or in planning process,” said Mayor Gord Krantz. “With the development of these new and updated policies, the Town will be in a better position to manage growth and development to make Milton a Place of Possibility.”

In summer 2020, the Town completed the Mobility Hub Study – a framework for the area surrounding the Milton GO Station. The final report outlines recommendations to shape the downtown core as a hub of possibility. The key recommendations, as a result of the study, build on significant public participation and feedback received throughout three phases of meaningful community engagement.

Policy development is the next step for the Mobility Hub. Town staff will seek the community’s input and feedback this summer.

“As Milton’s major transit station area, the Mobility Hub is a strategic location for urban intensification and growth,” said Barb Koopmans, Commissioner, Development Services. “Through these new and updated policies, the Mobility Hub will be a transit-oriented, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly destination supporting its important function as the Town’s main urban centre. These policies will allow for, and support major redevelopment and investment in the area.”

Longer-term policy implementation measures include a secondary plan in 2022 and further policy provisions as part of the Town’s new Official Plan in 2023.

For details about the study’s recommended policy directions, read the full staff report.

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