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Milton Transit is implementing an alternative service delivery strategy with the launch of Milton Transit OnDemand. The on-demand service model does not have fixed routes or schedules. Instead, buses are dispatched when requested allowing customers to book rides through an app in-real time from pick up and drop off points.

“Offering on-demand transit will be a game changer for Milton residents,” said Kristene Scott, Commissioner, Community Services. "As Milton continues to grow, we are providing new and innovative ways for residents to access transit. Reliable, affordable transit connects people to jobs, schools, shopping and social activities. We are excited to provide flexible and convenient transportation choices to meet the needs of Milton residents.”

On May 3, Milton Transit launched the initial phase of the on-demand service platform for Milton access+ customers. As of today, Milton Transit OnDemand will also be available in a defined residential area called Boyne Zone 1 in the southeast part of Milton. This pilot project offers on-demand, shared-ride transportation to connect people to the existing fixed route network.

“The Town is using a phased approach to help customers adapt to the new service,” said Tony D’Alessandro, Director, Transit Services. “Boyne Zone 1 was selected for the pilot project because it’s a developing residential area without frequent fixed route service. The pilot project will allow us to learn and gather important information to inform future service opportunities in Milton.”

Customers can book trips by phone or through the free app called Milton Transit OnDemand to:

  • Travel within the designated zone
  • Transfer to and from Milton Transit fixed routes outside the designated zone

The new OnDemand service is also available through Transit app, where customers can plan trips, access real-time bus updates and receive notifications and will be connected directly to the Milton Transit OnDemand app. Once the bus arrives, customers can pay their fare using monthly passes, tickets, cash or through TokenTransit.  

Where to get the apps:

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