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In response to a number of requests from the community, Engineering Services has been monitoring the intersections of Laurier Avenue and Vanier Drive, as well as Sauve Street and Menefy Place to determine whether the traffic counts in these residential areas warrant the installation of all-way stops.

On January 21, Council voted to approve a report presenting the results of this review, which was conducted on three separate occasions over the past four years. The overall volume of traffic indicates the need for all-way stops at both of these intersections and the installation for both intersections will be take place in May 2019.

The Engineering Service department also reviewed the intersection of Livingston Road and Weller Crossing/Ellis Crescent. Based the current volume of traffic running east and west compared to north and south, staff have recommended that stop controls be reversed from eastbound/westbound to northbound/southbound at this intersection. A Pedestrian Crossover is also warranted on the west leg of this intersection which will ensure a safe crossing for pedestrians.

In order to make this transition, there will be a temporary all-way stop implemented at this intersection until June 20, 2019. The improved configuration at this intersection will provide eastbound/ westbound traffic the right-of-way by summer 2019.

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