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The Town of Milton continues to make roads safer by prioritizing necessary traffic calming initiatives such as lowering speed limits and installing speed humps.

At a March 6 meeting, Council approved an update to the Town’s Traffic Calming Policy. Traffic calming, which uses mainly physical measures to reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, can make neighbourhoods significantly safer and more liveable.

The policy outlines the use of traffic calming measures in residential areas, to address concerns about traffic speeding and excessive volume in a fair and efficient manner.

When considering traffic calming, the policy evaluates traffic volumes, traffic speeds, short-cutting traffic, collisions, sidewalks and pedestrian use. On Monday, Council agreed to lower the threshold required for traffic speed and volume in this evaluation, enabling more opportunities for approved traffic calming initiatives within the community


In 2022, Council directed staff to introduce programs geared towards making our roads safer for all users. To date, staff has implemented the following:

  • Pilot projects for a 40 kilometre per hour neighbourhood and 30 km/h in school zones
  • Nine new Community Safety Zones (speeding fines doubled and required for future Automated Speed Enforcement)
  • 10 new pedestrian crossovers
  • Education and outreach through the Milton Moves Together campaign in partnership with Halton Police and school boards.

Residents can submit requests for implementing physical traffic calming (e.g. speed humps) on local and collector Town roads. Traffic calming applications are accepted from January 1 to September 30 each year, for implementation the following year. An application form is available by contacting Engineering staff.


"If we work together, we can keep Milton roads safe for everyone. It’s important to review our policies, and update them when required so that Milton moves together.”

- Mayor Gord Krantz

"We want our roads to be safe for all users. We are enhancing our use of traffic calming as one way to reduce traffic speed and volume, while increasing neighbourhood safety and quality of life throughout the Town of Milton.”

- Jill Hogan
Commissioner, Development Services, Town of Milton.

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