Public Service Announcement

With more snow in the forecast, the Town of Milton is prepared to keep traffic moving safely. Operations crews clear more than 1,615 lane kilometres of Regional and Town roads and over 250 kilometres of designated walkways and sidewalks. 

Snow clearing service levels

Roads are maintained in a priority sequence beginning with primary roads, secondary roads, followed by residential roads.

Primary roads are routes for emergency vehicles, public transportation and most street traffic such as Derry Road, Ontario Street and Main Street.

  • Plowing begins when there is 2 cm of snow accumulation on primary roads
  • Then, two to 12 hours after the snow stops, we clear down to the pavement on primary roads

Secondary roads such as Trudeau Drive and Savoline Boulevard, have less traffic than primary roads but generally lead to primary roads.

  • Plowing begins when there is 2 cm of snow accumulation on secondary roads

 Residential roads have much less traffic than primary or secondary roadways.

  • Residential road plowing begins after we have cleared primary and secondary roads and once 10 cm of snow has accumulated
  • We plow these roads down to a snow-packed standard and not bare pavement

Please refer to the Roadway Priorities and Response Times for more information on target surface conditions and completion times.


Snow coming off our plows is diverted to the right of the road to keep it away from the roadway and traffic. This can result in piles of snow at the end of your driveway called windrows. Plow operators do not intentionally block driveways with snow. To remove windrows, pile the snow on the right side at the end of your driveway. We only clear windrows as part of the Windrow Removal program. 


With accumulation of 5 cm or more of snow, sidewalks and pathways associated with schools, transit routes and major pedestrian travel are plowed by the Town.

  • Residents are responsible for clearing snow on sidewalks that have not been designated on the Town's sidewalk plow routes
  • When you clear your sidewalk, please do not put the snow on the road

Winter parking

Vehicles left on the street pose an obstacle to snow-clearing activities, making it dangerous and sometimes impossible to clear the street properly.

  • Cars must be off the road during snow events
  • Street parking exceptions are suspended during some events
  • Cars parked on the road during a storm are subject to a fine and may be towed at the owner’s expense

Snow events and parking updates will be announced through the Town’s Facebook and Twitter channels. You can also subscribe to receive email updates.

How you can help

  • On garbage day, keep bins away from the road and boulevards
  • Keep vehicles off the road
  • Wait to shovel snow as best you can, as the plows may do another pass by
  • Keep catch basins clear

Staying informed

To stay informed throughout snow events, please monitor the following channels

It takes time to clean up after a storm. Please wait until 24-hours after the snowfall has ended before calling or emailing your concerns. Your patience is appreciated.

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For media inquiries, please contact: 

Jessica Rabaey
Communications Advisor
905-878-7252 ext. 2166
Email Communications Staff