Frequently Asked Questions

I need to remove a tree on my property. Do I need permission to do this?
The Town of Milton does not have a by-law for altering or removing trees on private property; however, before you remove a tree, please ensure that the tree is entirely on your property:
  • Trees located on the boulevard are the Town's property. (The boulevard is the strip of public land between the street curb and private property, often containing the sidewalk, grass and street trees)   If the tree is entirely on your property and removal is necessary, it is always recommended that you consult with an ISA Certified Arborist for expert advice.  (Look for a reputable company under "Tree Care" in the yellow pages.) If you have a concern about a tree needing removal from Town property, please contact the Engineering Services Department.
  • Private properties which are 0.5 hectares in size and over or properties which are contained entirely within a Regional Greenlands system are under the jurisdiction of the Region of Halton. If you are considering altering a woodlot or removing trees on your property and the property is 0.5 hectares in size or over, please review the Region's Tree By-law.
  • Region of Halton
My property backs onto a park/open space area. Am I allowed to put a gate or opening in the fence on my property line?

Gates or other alterations, even if temporary, are not permitted in the property line fence; these fences are located on Town property and are owned by the Town.

Most Town-owned open spaces, including parks and stormwater management ponds are fenced with a 1.5 metre high chain link fence, located 10 cm from the property line, on the Town side.  Defined entrances to Town open spaces are designed to safely accommodate visitors and protect our public open spaces.

Will the Town share the cost of privacy fencing?

The Town will not share the cost of privacy fencing. Chain link fencing is the Town's standard for dividing public and private property, and this standard fence cannot be changed or removed.

If you wish to put up your own privacy fencing on your property, you may do so adjacent to the Town's fence provided it is on your property. Any additions must conform to the zoning By-law. For more information, contact the planning department as shown on this page. 

My property backs onto a park and often balls and frisbees end up in my backyard. Will the Town provide more trees to keep objects out of my yard?
The Town will not provide more trees in this instance. The park boundaries have been designed with trees and plants for the function of the park layout and for visual purposes. The plants and trees are not intended as a physical barrier between the park and nearby properties. Sports fields have built-in setbacks which define the distance from the field playout zones to property boundaries. (A sports field setback is the minimum distance from the outer edge of the sports field to a property line and/or a physical object; e.g., a building, parking lot or another sports field.)

Inside your property line, you may put up your own privacy fencing or install planting. Any additions must conform to the zoning By-law. For more information, contact the planning department as shown on this page.

Will the Town replace a tree that died or add additional trees in the park or open space to improve privacy for my property?
There are annual operating budgets for Town parks and open space areas which place the highest priority on ongoing safety and general park use. The Town will consider your request based on the priority of this requirement in relation to the general park use. 
Why doesn't the Town regularly maintain the grass by the stormwater management pond behind my house?

Stormwater management ponds are not typically maintained in the same manner as parks because they serve a specific purpose and are designed to replicate the natural environment.

Rainfall run-off from your subdivision drains into these ponds where it is temporarily held and then released slowly into our lakes and streams. Natural plants and grasses assist with biological processes that help to remove pollutants in the rainfall run-off so the water that flows out of the ponds (and into our streams) is much cleaner than when it entered.

Many of the plants you see in these areas are native species and were chosen because they naturally break down contaminants such as lawn fertilizers and convert their energy into new plant stalks and leaves. Over time, the smaller trees and shrubs will grow into a more natural vegetated state. Please help them to perform their function by leaving them to grow.

Can the Town add more garbage receptacles to the park so there is less litter?

Waste receptacles are usually located at the entry points into parks and close to play areas. Safety, odour and accessibility (for the public and maintenance crews) are all factors that determine their placement.

If you feel another receptacle is required or if an existing receptacle needs to be relocated, replaced or emptied more frequently, please contact the Engineering Department as shown on this page. 

Can I place my own objects or plants in the open space area (including stormwater management ponds, easements, woodlots) by my home?

Open space areas can include stormwater management ponds, easements and woodlots. (An easement provides the legal right to use the property of another for a specific purpose without having to own the property. Example: Gas line corridor used for trail purposes.) Additions to open space areas are not allowed because this is Town-owned property. These additions include play structures, accessory structures, vegetable gardens, new shrubs and trees, bird houses, benches, clotheslines, etc. Altering or placing household items on Town-owned open spaces or on utility company easement corridors is considered trespassing and destruction of public property.

Cutting grass and removing or adding plants in natural or naturalized areas makes it easier for invasive plants and weeds to take over. Pruning shrubs and trees removes the flowers, which reduces the seeds that are produced; this allows invasive plants to establish themselves over native plants. Natural vegetation around stormwater management ponds provides a habitat for animals and also acts as a natural water filter to protect creeks and waterways.

I am concerned about the activities of some people in the woodlot next to my home and I am worried that this is not safe or that they will damage the trees and shrubs.

Many of the Town's woodlots have been preserved during development of residential areas for everyone to enjoy. It is up to each individual to exercise caution and courtesy to others, the environment and the nearby homeowners.

Most woodlots have signs posted to educate the public on how to help maintain a healthy environment and an enjoyable outdoor experience by protecting the woodlot. The guidelines include:
  • Keep debris, yard waste and litter out of the area.
  • Leave native grasses, trees, shrubbery and soil untouched.
  • Use designated entrances, exits and trails.
  • Clean up after your pets.

If you see people dumping, cutting or intruding in woodlots or other Town-owned green spaces, gather details in a safe manner and report them to the Town's by-law enforcement officers so they can investigate the situation.

  • Tree hazards/safety concerns: Community Services Department
  • By-law Enforcement: Executive Services
  • Vandalism/disturbance issues: Halton Regional Police  
How do I book or rent space in a Park?
 How do I book a diamond, soccer field or beach volleyball court?
 Sports park rentals
 One-time rental requests
  •  905-875-5393, ext. 2601
 Weekly/monthly/seasonal rental requests
  •  905-875-5393, ext. 2603
How do I book an outdoor venue for pictures or a picnic/special event?

The Town of Milton has various locations that can be rented for wedding pictures, social gatherings and picnics.

Social Park Rentals 


How do I find out if the fields and diamonds are closed due to inclement weather?

Town of Milton staff update the playing status of diamonds and fields on a daily basis during weekdays:

Field and Diamond Playability Updates 

Where can I obtain general information about parks and open space?

Visit Parks and Trails or contact us as shown on the left side of this page.