Fee Assistance

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Everyone plays in Milton.

The Town of Milton is pleased to offer a fee assistance program options as we believe that all residents should have the opportunity to access recreational services.

The Town offers financial assistance for its recreation programs that are available to all residents of Milton, providing those who qualify with a credit of $200 per person per calendar year.

We would be happy to guide you through the application process or answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Please reach out to the contact information provided to the left of this page.

Jump Start Canadian Tire Foundation Program (Community Sports):

The Milton Chapter of Jump Start has reached its capacity for funding at this time. Until further notice, the Town of Milton is unable to process any Jump Start applications. For updates on current available funds, visit jumpstart.canadiantire.ca.

Families looking for support for hockey registrations are still able to apply through the Big Play program, which is a partnership between Jump Start and Hockey Canada. The online application for this program is available on the Jump Start website.

Seniors' Programs:

For financial assistance with seniors' programs, please call 905-875-1681, ext. 2753.

Additional Fee Assistance Resources:

Find out more on other organizations and groups that offer financial assistance opportunities.

Additional Fee Assistance Resources