Preschool Programs

Our programs provide a wide-range of benefits to growing children. Through play-based learning, children will build their fine and gross motor skills as well as socialization before entering into school-aged programs.

preschool teacher and kids


  • Drop In schedules Admission sales begin 30 minutes before program start time, first come first served.
  • Participants must sign in at customer service before entering program.


Program Details


Age Group


Supervised by Town Staff

Parent Participation


Included in Play/Sport pass


Play with Me

Under 5 years

Children can use the play stations, interact with other participants and take part in structured circle time and creative activities



Sports Centre


Under 6 years:$1.00


Older Adult: $4.00

Group (Max 4) $15.00

Preschool Gym Time

Under 6 years

With a variety of equipment, gather for socializing and unstructured play time in the gym.  Maximum parent/caregiver to child ratio is 1:4



Sports Centre


Under 6 years:$1.00

Adult: $5.00

Older Adult: $4.00

Group (Max 4) $15.00


1 -10 years

Leave your child with us to make new friends and explore different daily play stations including, crafts, stories, music, unstructured play and more! Take advantage of your free time to drop in to a fitness class, sport, swim or skate program


Not required but parents must remain in building

Sports and Leisure Centre


Single Admission: $4.00

10 visit pass: $36.78

Other Preschool Programs

Friday Fun Club: Need a night out? Check out Friday Fun Club! Leave the kids (4-8 years) with us for an evening of dinner, crafts, games and more!

Ready for Kindergarten: Led by an Early Childhood Educator, this program is designed for children who will soon be starting Kindergarten. Focusing on healthy child development, this program will encourage your preschooler to socialize with peers in a supportive and cooperative environment with circle time, songs, gym time, themed activities and creative play.

Move More Sports- Active Start- Parent and Tot: Be introduced to the concepts from all the parent and tot levels, based on the abilities of the participants. Explore how to balance, jump, skip, throw, catch, dribble, and kick and more!

Active Kids Love Music: Get funky to multiple music styles and different rhythms. Learn basic steps to a variety of beats and challenge yourself to get active in this fun and exciting environment.

 Check out these and other Town of Milton preschool programs  


Preschool Program Progression

Not sure where to start? Take program in this order:

chart showing progression levels of programs

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