Sam Sherratt Park

Sam Sherratt Park will officially be closed off to the public for the construction of upgrades commencing July 2, 2019;  the park is expected to re-open in the fall of 2019. Included in the closure will be a portion of the Sam Sherratt Trail. 

Upgrades will improve the park’s overall grading & drainage, ball diamonds and pathways.  Additional trees will also be planted and bench seating added.

As part of the design process for the Sam Sherratt Park upgrades, two community input meetings were held in 2018 to gather feedback and select the final design concept for the park; the final design concept is available for viewing on our website as noted below:

Sam Sherratt Park has undergone design review to provide enjoyable park experiences in your neighbourhood for years to come.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Update park elements to meet current standards
  • Improve function of existing features, including accessibility
  • Repair or replace aging park elements

Sam Sherratt Park Map

Sam Sherratt Park Upgrades Neighbourhood Context & Existing Conditions

Sam Sherratt Park Upgrades Potential Park Improvements

Community Input Meetings were held in March and May of 2018, to obtain feedback from local residents and park user groups.  Three concepts were formulated and posted on the website as well as presented at the meeting in May. 

Town staff reviewed all submitted comments and have formulated a preferred concept for upgrades to the Park:

Sam Sherratt Park – Preferred Concept

In summary the following is proposed:

  • Improvement of park drainage in problematic areas
  • Widening of trail from 2.4 to 3.0 metres in key areas
  • Improvements to all infields, outfields and ball diamond fencing
  • Replacement of infield and backstop at ball diamond 1 (dimensioned to softball fast pitch layout - girls U10)
  • New player benches at each ball diamond
  • 1 set of bleachers at ball diamond 1
  • Informal seat walls for baseball spectators at each ball diamond
  • Additional electrical outlets
  • New talc storage structure
  • Port-o-let structure proposed to be located within Coulson Park
  • New bench seating added along trails within the park
  • All berms and existing trees to be retained
  • Additional trees planted

In addition to this, many residents requested that upgrades to Coulson Park play area be included with this project.  As part of the Community Input meeting, a suggestion was made to include the redevelopment of Coulson Park as part of the Sam Sherratt Park redevelopment since the two parks are located adjacent to each other and connected by an existing multi-purpose walkway.  In response to this suggestion, staff investigated the possibility of advancing the redevelopment of Coulson Park to align with the Sam Sherratt Park project, however it is not financially viable at this time.  The redevelopment of Coulson Park is currently in the Capital Budget Forecast for design in 2021 and construction in 2022.   

Sam Sherratt upgrades will commence in July, 2019.  The park, and a section of the section of the Sam Sherratt Trail within the park, will remain closed for the remainder of the year while re-construction is underway.  The park closure will also give the new sod the time it needs to re-establish. 

 For more information or to provide comments, please contact the Parks & Facility Project Manager