Trees and Woodlots

Woodlots are important natural areas within Milton's green spaces because they allow native plants and animals to thrive. These areas have been preserved to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience, but also because they perform important functions in maintaining the health of the environment, both today and in the future.

Care and Maintenance of Street Trees 

The Town of Milton plants new street trees for the health and well-being of our environment. Large street trees provide cleaner air, cooler building temperatures and beautify our neighbourhood.

Caring for our Woodlots 

Help us maintain a healthy environment by respecting and protecting our woodlots:

  • Dispose of debris properly: Though it may seem harmless to dump grass or sod in a woodlot, this can smother native plant species and allow invasive species to thrive. Garbage and litter detracts from the natural beauty of our surroundings. Dumping in green spaces is not permitted in accordance with Town by-law enforcement (By-law #50-91).
  • Leave grass, plants and shrubbery untouched: Cutting grass and removing or adding plants from woodlots makes it easier for invasive plants and weeds to take over. Pruning shrubs and trees removes the flowers, which reduces the seeds that are produced, and allows invasive plants to thrive.
  • Keep your living space on your property: Placing household items on Town-owned green spaces is considered trespassing and destruction of public property (By-law #50-91). Keep items, such as gardens, storage materials, lawn furniture, outdoor lights and downspouts on your property.
  • Use designated trails: Trails are designed for you to enjoy nature and keep you away from unsafe plants, such as Poison Ivy. Enter and exit woodlots and trails at designated entrances and do not alter Town-installed fences. Keep dogs on a leash and stay on the trails to help avoid causing damage to sensitive natural areas.
  • Clean up litter: Adopt Milton's woodlots and keep them clean by removing plastic bags, bottles and garbage.
  • Report violators: If you see people dumping, cutting or encroaching on Town-owned green spaces and woodlots (By-law #50-91), report them to the Town's By-law Enforcement Officers so they can investigate the situation. Contact information is on the left of this page. Photos and/or license plate numbers are helpful when reporting these incidents.

Together, we can ensure our green spaces are enjoyed for many years to come.


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