The 2022 budget positions Milton to invest in the community and organization, while having immediate and future community impact. Using the areas of focus within the Council Staff Work Plan, the following 2022 highlights demonstrate investment in our community.

Community attractiveness and competitiveness

Improve Milton’s attractiveness for prospective talent and investment:

  • Parks redevelopment and enhancements (Moorelands, Baldwin Park, Chris Hadfield, Sunny Mount)
  • Parks Master Plan update
  • Parks development (Walker Neighbourhood Park, Cobban Neighbourhood Park)
  • Facility improvements (John Tonelli, Milton Sports Centre, Milton Indoor Turf Centre, FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton)
  • People Strategy implementation
  • Multi-year accessibility plan
  • Climate change and mitigation initiatives (Partners for Climate Change Protection Plan, Community Energy Plan, electric vehicle charging stations strategy, Mattamy National Cycling Centre renewable energy system feasibility)
  • Transportation and roads (asphalt overlay and surface treatment programs, traffic safety services review)

Planning for growth

Plan and build our community to accommodate growth, while managing new service and infrastructure demands and balancing taxpayer affordability:

  • Enhancing fire services
  • Transit operations centre
  • Library facility expansion
  • Transportation and road network reconstruction and expansion
  • Stormwater management development

Increasing revenue potential

Achieve sustainable new revenue streams:

  • User Fee Study
  • Community improvement plan for the central business district

Service innovation

Deliver services that address increased expectations and service requests, and manage the need for new investment:

  • Customer self-services (e.g., open data, mapping)
  • Customer Service Strategy implementation
  • Inter-municipal transit services
  • Fleet strategy
  • Administrative Penalty System implementation