2020-2023 Council-Staff Work Plan

The Town of Milton Council-Staff Work Plan outlines a vision of the future which strives for abundant economic opportunity for residents, educational opportunities for youth, and a community that leads in sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Milton Council and staff collaboratively underwent a seven-phase planning process to create a plan that authentically captures all priority areas for the community going forward. The phased approach included identifying a clear vision of future success, developing a decision-making framework, gathering front-line employee and resident/business feedback, assessing the implications of COVID-19, and lastly reviewing the results of consultation to determine the final priorities.

This plan holds Council and staff accountable for guiding Milton toward a prosperous future with residents, businesses and the environment front of mind. Milton is a municipal organization that is adaptive, flexible, and capitalizes on change.

Four Priority Areas

  1. Attractiveness - Improve Milton’s attractiveness for prospective talent and investment
  2. Growth - Plan and build our community to accommodate growth while managing new service and infrastructure demands and balancing taxpayer affordability
  3. Innovation - Deliver services that address increased expectations and service requests and manage the need for new investment
  4. Revenue - Achieve sustainable new revenue stream