Council Staff Work Plan Priority Area #4

Increasing Revenue Potential

We will achieve sustainable new revenue streams.


  • Create a balanced commercial and industrial tax base by:
    • Securing and enhancing competitive employment lands
    • Economic development that facilitates the retention, expansion and attraction of business
    • Mid to high density, mixed use development to accommodate an increase in office space
  • Explore increased opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships and revenue generation with municipal assets
  • Continue to leverage user fees that are competitive and market-balanced to reduce service subsidies through the tax base
  • Explore new technologies in municipal facilities to generate revenue
  • Leverage advocacy efforts of municipal and industry associations and participate directly where appropriate in order to ensure federal and provincial policies and program are responsive to municipal needs, including advocacy for new and expanded municipal revenue sources
  • Identify and pursue funding program opportunities to maximize Milton’s share of available grant assistance

2020-2023 Priorities